Municipal, Commercial & Industrial Well Maintenance

Municipal, Commercial and Industrial Well Maintenance

CTW helps municipalities, commercial, and industrial businesses develop a comprehensive well maintenance and pump program. We’ll work with you to craft an engineered program specifically designed to fit your needs in treating the causes of well and pump failure.

Water Testing & Sampling

Managing your water system is a huge responsibility, with our maintenance services, CTW Corporation is dedicated to helping communities like yours have safe drinking, cooking, and bathing water at all times.

Well maintenance, such as water testing and sampling, is crucial to safeguarding your town’s water. Our team of experts has compiled a list of benefits you’ll receive just by investing in our services.

Save Money

CTW Corporation keeps maintenance costs down by using our own team of engineers to analyze your system for any deficiencies and optimize the efficiency of your well and pump. Our in-house staff avoids having to use outside contractors, which allows us to better serve our local communities.

When you choose to use our services, you’ll undoubtedly end up saving tens of thousands of dollars on repairs. This will allow you to focus on spending your funds in areas that are more important to your community.

Save Water

Water testing and sampling is a practice that’s absolutely vital for the safety of your constituents. We can prevent, treat, and spot potential dangers that can lead to water contamination throughout your city or town.

Allowing our team at CTW Corporation to jump into action can save you thousands of dollars in water cleanup and restoration. We will help to protect your citizens from harmful bacteria and contaminants that are dangerous to their health.

Well & Pump Maintenance Services

  • VFD installation and maintenance
  • Vertical hollow shaft turbine installation
  • Submersible pump installation
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Geophysical testing
  • Air impulse blasting
  • Well exploration
  • Water testing and sampling

Well Inspection

Conducting a well inspection is essential to its function. CTW Corporation and its team of professional engineers will assess your well and develop a comprehensive report to help you keep it in good condition.

Your checkup would include:

  • Sanitary deficiencies
  • Electrical integrity
  • Amperage, ohms, voltage and megger testing
  • Flow testing and meter maintenance.

Well Source Testing

Commercial building owners have a responsibility to ensure their patrons and employees have access to clean water. Frequent testing of your well water can prevent the spreading of disease and illness.

For commercial properties, it’s recommended that you test your water source Quarterly or as directed by your State agency. Regular testing can help you identify and eliminate bacteria, viruses or parasites that can contaminate clean water. CTW Corporation’s licensed backflow testers can help ensure that your water source is always clean and safe to use.


From an unexpected well water leak to an accidental water contamination, our emergency maintenance team can help. We have a one-hour response time, and we always arrive ready to get to work. Our team will carefully assess the situation, develop a comprehensive plan, and jump into action as quickly as possible.

When Emergency Strikes

You may have a reliable maintenance plan established, but emergencies can still emerge unexpectedly. CTW Corporation’s team of licensed and bonded professionals are always ready to take action. We can handle any situation and provide emergency services, such as:


Regardless of the job, CTW will respond to your emergency needs within an hour of your phone call. Our in-house engineers will evaluate the situation, and they’ll quickly come up with a plan to stop the problem in its tracks. If you have a waterworks emergency or need to take
advantage of one of our other services, call us. We’re ready to help.

CTW Corporation's Warranty Policy

CTW Corporation warrants defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions for 12 months from the date of installation. During this period, CTW Corporation will repair or replace defective, malfunctioned or damaged products with new or reconditioned parts at no cost. Any extended manufacturer product warranty will be honored however CTW Corporation Service fees will apply.

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