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Water Well & Pump Maintenance

For over 40 years, CTW has dedicated countless hours to helping municipalities, homeowners and business owners with water well maintenance. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, managing your well is a critical step to ensuring you have access to clean water.

Commercial, Municipal & Agricultural Well Maintenance

CTW proudly services commercial businesses, municipalities and the agricultural community and help them to develop comprehensive well maintenance programs.

Our engineered programs are specifically designed to treat three predominate causes of well and pump failure.


A major cause for loss of well production and premature degradation of piping and equipment is the presence of biofilm. Biofouling creates a “thick” discontinuous irregular layer of slime and biofilm along the wellbore, well screen, piping/equipment, bedrock fractures, gravel pack, and within the aquifer.  These films consist of a combination of amorphous polymeric chains containing metal oxides of iron, manganese, aluminum and other trace metals; biofilms may also house or protect pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and protozoan. 

Biolfim reduces the efficiency of the well by plugging screens and intake of the pump. Accelerated chemical and electrochemical corrosion can result in increased metal content, aesthetic and taste problems, and failure of pumps and piping due to corrosion. It is imperative to properly diagnose and treat microbial related well issues. CTW utilizes a specific analytic laboratory to speciate bacteria and confirm your water quality. Our engineers will provide a comprehensive solution to treat your well and provide additional maintenance expertise to keep biofilm at bay.

Mineral Deposition

Whether it is calcium, manganese or iron; mineral deposition can hinder your well capacity and distribution system. CTW provides detailed televising services to diagnose the extent of the condition and will provide the perfect blend of chemical, mechanical and air impulse gun technology to rehabilitate your well to achieve maximum capacity and efficiency.

Loss of Well Capacity

As a system operator, you are responsible for maintaining a complex water distribution system for your neighbors and community. While routine well and pump maintenance will catch most issues before they become large ones, monitoring your system for subtle changes in pressure or volume is crucial. Do you see a loss in pressure or volume? Call us to discuss how we can quickly diagnose the cause and provide you with a prompt and cost effective solution.

How CTW can help with your Residential Well

CTW’s staff consists of experienced engineers, plumbers, and technicians that can tackle any problem. We specialize in a variety of residential well services like inspection, well video and submersible well pump installation and maintenance.

Contact CTW for Your Well Maintenance Needs

At CTW, we pride ourselves on our elite customer service. Whether your well is on a residential, commercial, or agricultural property, we offer emergency maintenance services and respond within an hour of your call. For more information on how we can help you with your well maintenance, call us today.

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