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Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive

Installation and Maintenance

CTW Corporation offers variable frequency drive (VFD) installation and maintenance options to all of our customers. Our factory supported team of engineers have developed a comprehensive program utilizing this advanced technology. Learn how CTW’s variable frequency service can help save you money on your energy costs.

What is VFD?

VFD stands for variable frequency drive. The VFD has two main purposes: to control the output frequency and to convert incoming single phase power to a three phase power. Here’s a quick breakdown on how these two processes work.

Controlling the Incoming Electric Frequency

For well pumps to accelerate and decelerate during a cycle, they depend on incoming electric frequency; 60hz. VFD systems sequentially control the motor output frequency, increasing acceleration time and reducing water pressure surges. This process causes a gradual ramping and extends the life of the controlled equipment, like the motor and distribution piping.

Incoming Single Phase Power Conversion

Properly sized VFDs can operate three phase motors with the incoming single phase power. This method converts the single phase into a three phase, allowing the use of more plentiful, more efficient and less expensive three phase motors.

Let CTW Help You Save Money

For over 40 years, CTW Corporation has worked with municipal, commercial and residential property owners to provide well maintenance services. We have an entire team of experts, including in-house certified VFD installers that can help improve your water well’s function.

In addition to our VFD installation, we offer emergency services and will respond to your needs within the hour. Ready to save money on those energy bills? Call us today. One of our technicians will listen to your needs and help you schedule a well assessment with one of our VFD specialists.

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