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CTW Water Well Maintenance

Even well-designed and executed water wells experience problems. Normal wear-and-tear slowly compromise casings, pumps, and other well equipment. CTW Corporation offers water well maintenance services in the Wisconsin area. Our services keep commercial, residential, agricultural, and municipal well systems running smoothly and reduce costly and inconvenient issues.

Water Well Maintenance Services

A malfunctioning well can render your property useless or create dangerous conditions. The solutions to these problems are expensive and time-consuming. Water well maintenance services reduce the likelihood of catastrophic events that shut down your system for a prolonged period. Over our many years of experience, the experts at CTW Corporation have developed a water well maintenance plan that addresses the three key sources of water well malfunction.

  • Biofilm is a layer of trace metals, bacteria, and flora that collects on pumps, screens, and other parts of well systems that consistently contact water. A buildup of biofilm reduces efficiency, changes the taste of well water, and can contain harmful bacteria that leads to illness. CTW Corporation technicians work with well managers to develop a plan to keep biofilms to a minimum.
  • Mineral deposits collect around the perimeter of pipes, reducing your equipment’s ability to distribute water. Calcium, iron, and other soft minerals gather together to form clumps that reduce water pressure and alter its quality. In our water well maintenance process, the technicians at CTW Corporation assess the state of your equipment. We then develop a specialized plan to remove deposits and restore full functionality.
  • Consistent monitoring is vital to water well maintenance. Keeping track of volume, pressure, and other metrics allows CTW Corporation technicians to catch potential problems before they affect performance. Through periodic visits, we record and analyze information from your system. The collected data allows us to diagnose problems before they affect water production or quality.

CTW Corporation water well maintenance services are designed to reduce costs and maintain sufficient yields for the life of your well.

Comprehensive Well Services

CTW Corporation is a full-service water well maintenance company. For over 40 years we have helped municipalities, corporations, and homeowners keep their drinking water safe. Testing and sampling services are an important part of our maintenance plans. We can detect a variety of potentially harmful bacteria, pathogens, chemicals, and other particulates in your water well system. Once detected, our engineers develop a series of interventions to nullify the threat.

Water-borne illness is one of the biggest dangers of private well systems. Regular testing and water well maintenance decrease the number of harmful particulates in your water and protects the health of your property’s visitors and residents.

Beyond water well maintenance, CTW Corporation delivers a range of other well-related services for businesses, municipalities, and residential property owners. Our in-house engineers work with you to create a water well system that fulfills your needs and fits your property’s natural geological structure. Once installed, our water well maintenance services will ensure your system keeps running for many years.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, private wells should be professionally inspected at least once per year. This decreases the probability of bacteria-borne illness from your drinking water. When you need water well maintenance services in the Baltimore area, trust the experienced technicians at CTW Corporation.